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Cathic is a specialised mechanical services plumbing contractor whose employees have been successfully supporting the water needs of Water Authorities, Industry and Regional Australian businesses for over 30 years.

Yarra Valley Water - Aurora RWTP

Yarra Valley Water is Melbourne’s largest water and sewerage business. YVW provide water supply and sewerage services to over 1.7 million people and over 50,000 businesses in the northern and eastern suburbs.


Recently Cathic has been engaged to perform upgrades to the Aurora STP and RWTP predominantly in the chemical dosing areas. Upgrades have included pipe and valve replacement but more importantly have involved safety improvements which provide a safer working environment for all onsite personal whilst providing better protecting for the local environment.


The Aurora STP and RWTP were constructed by 2006 and commissioned in 2009 to meet the recycled water and sewerage needs of the new Aurora development, and other developments occurring in the Epping-Craigieburn growth corridor. As a whole, the Aurora Facility consists of:

  • A Sewage Treatment plant (STP) with storage dam;
  • A Recycled Water Treatment Plant (RWTP), pump station, storage tank and distribution main;
    • Pipelines to transfer sewage from Craigieburn to Aurora and recycled water and sludge from Aurora to Craigieburn; and
    • Pipelines to transfer Class A water to Aurora/Epping North estates


The facility is located off the Hume Freeway, southeast of the intersection with Craigieburn East Road.


The Class A RWTP Treatment Process

The recycled water treatment process includes prefiltration through a micro-strainer, ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane treatment, further UV disinfection and chlorination. Therefore the overall treatment process includes three barriers to ensure that Class A recycled water is produced.


Online detection is used to ensure recycled water is within Class A specifications. If the effluent is detected as off spec, the treatment process is automatically shut down and the effluent is diverted for further treatment.