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Cathic is a specialised mechanical services plumbing contractor whose employees have been successfully supporting the water needs of Water Authorities, Industry and Regional Australian businesses for over 30 years.

Wallan Class A Recycled Water Treatment Plant

Cathic was subcontracted via Piping & Automation Services to Tenix to provide labour for the installation of the following:


  • below ground water pipelines
  • above ground process water pipelines
  • chemical transmission lines
  • chemical storage lines
  • compressed air piping
  • water pumps and piping
  • sample water pumps and piping 


The Wallan RWTP Stage 1 was built by Tenix for Yarra Valley Water and has a net capacity of 2 ML/day with the plant being upgradeable to 4 ML/day within 5 years if required.


The plant takes Class C water from existing Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) Lagoon system and manufactures water to Class A standard satisfying the needs of EPA/DHS regulations.


The Process involves but is not limited to:

  • Class C water pre-dosing for suspended solids removal and subsequent filtration (MMF).
  • Pre Chlorination.
  • Balance Tank.
  • Backwash System
  • Secondary screening via Amiad Filters.
  • Chemical Dosing for disinfection.
  • Ultra-filtration (UF) of water.
  • UV treatment and disinfection
  • Chlorine Contact and into storage.
  • Class A pumps to recycle water system.